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Our Mission

Our mission is to continually raise the bar of the customer experience. MINCO SUPPLY has operated from a solid background of authenticity in providing a trustworthy relationship of real value for our customers. With this as our emphasis, MINCO SUPPLY is pleased to offer truly innovative solutions that deliver to all of our valued customers. 

We have been able to uphold our proven authentic track record of excellence time and time again by ensuring our clients receive their product orders within an efficient multi-modal supply chain that utilizes national and international marketplace resources. Our dedicated team of professionals take great pride in their high-level service offering and continually evolve to meet the important needs of our clients. Minco Supply wants to achieve being a destination where all our customers feel satisfied and cared for in all ways.

our team

Our management team is led by our dedicated Managing Director Nori Minicilli. With over 15 years of proven expertise in the medical device industry, Nori has an expert and comprehensive understanding of the national and international supply chain marketplace. Prior to his involvement with MINCO SUPPLY, Nori managed and expanded an international catalog of businesses in the medical robotics, disposables, consumables and durable medical equipment industry. Nori aims to utilize this cross market experience, global product sourcing and negotiating, and leadership experience to meet and exceed all our multidisciplinary client expectations.

Nori prides himself in his ability to inspire the MINCO SUPPLY team and utilize all of his resources and experience, and applies them to efficiently propose and implement unique and tailored business solutions in real time. With a focus on exceeding the expectations of his clients with top tiered service and proactive solutions, Nori has paved the way for MINCO SUPPLY to have a solid position as a respected industry leader.


Minco Wholesale & Supply Inc. offers a wide range of disposables and specializes in reorder supply.

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