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About Minco Wholesale

In 2019, Nori and Negin Minicilli founded Minco Wholesale & Supply Inc. The corporate headquarters and fully stocked warehouse are based in London, Ontario. At Minco Wholesale & Supply, the team is committed to personally standing by your orders to ensure the delivery of first-quality products are on time to meet all your business needs.

Minco Supply offers a wide range of products in the health, safety, cleaning, janitorial and hospitality sectors. These include, but are not limited to, safety apparel, medical and clinical supplies, PPE, protective masks, N95’s, gloves, gowns, safety glasses, goggles, and disinfectant sanitization products. The company also offers a range of hospitality products, including disposable aprons, protective arm coverings, hairnets, beard covers, and take-out containers available for wholesale purchase. In addition, Minco Supply offers a wide range of paper and hygiene products including facial tissue, bath tissue, hand towels and more.

Minco Supply successfully services Canada and the USA. Minco Wholesale and Supply holds an active Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) license, confirming its approval by Health Canada to sell and distribute medical device products in Canada.

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Funmi Ola
Funmi Ola
Great Customer service. I mistakenly ordered the wrong items and they made the correction and sent the right product with no extra charge. Their customer service is A+++ and i will be back to order more product. Thanks
Miss Sarika (SJ)
Miss Sarika (SJ)
Ordered masks online, for pickup (since I live in the same city) and I got them hand delivered by surprise! A very nice surprise! Thank you so very much! Now *that* is what I call "customer service". I appreciate you!
Gerry Sheprano
Gerry Sheprano
I had an issue with a gift card not being applied to my order. Suprabh at Minco rectified this almost immediately by crediting my invoice and credit card. Minco’s customer service is always 5 stars for everything. They go above and beyond in every aspect!! G
Sevda Özkaynak
Sevda Özkaynak
Customer service is very kind and helpful. Products are high quality. Thanks again. Strongly recommended
Mark Lloyd
Mark Lloyd
Exceptional quality, great value, and superlative customer service! Minco has become my first stop shop for a variety of household items. Thank you to everyone at Minco Wholesale & Supply, Inc.!
Dahles McLennan
Dahles McLennan
I purchased a couple of boxes of masks and when they got damaged by the courier i was sent ones and a bonus at no extra charge, delivery was fast and customer service very understanding and efficient. I will definitely buy from here again.
R.E. B
R.E. B
Minco customer service is is simply outstanding. Whenever I've had the need to contact them directly for masks, COVID supplies or even cleaning supplies their support was excellent and they followed up their words with positive actions, and product arrival was right on the information they provided. Well done Minco!
ay choi
ay choi
My first order with Minco was excellent. They have wonderful services. I missed to add the complementary masks in my order. When I talked to customer services team, especially Sales manager Nori and Marketing manager Suprabh, they were extremely helpful and swift actions were taken. I received the complementary items in the following shipment. That's impressive service and I will definitely purchase it again. Thank you.

Nori Minicilli: Founder and Managing Director

In 2019, Nori founded Minco Wholesale & Supply Inc. With 18 years of experience in the medical device/supply market, Nori Mincilli brings his cross-market expertise in product sourcing, negotiating, and leadership to his role as Managing Director of Minco Wholesale & Supply Inc. He aims to exceed all of Minco Supply’s client’s expectations and demands.

Nori Minicilli was recently recognized and awarded by the London Inc. Publication / Magazine, as London’s Top 20 Business Entrepreneurs under 40 for 2023, for his commitment to excellence in business.

Nori and his family are community driven and heavily involved within the London, Ontario community overall. Over the last few years, they have partnered with many local organizations such as The Salvation Army: Centre of Hope, Business Cares Food Drive, ReForest London, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation, as well as sponsoring many local youth sports teams.

Founder and Director of Sales & Business Development

Negin, in her role as Director of Sales & Business Development, compliments Minco Supply’s efforts with her proven excellence of service to optimize all of Minco Supply’s team development, business sales, and corporate growth activities.

With a post secondary diploma certificate in Hospitality Management and over 11 years of experience within the hospitality, janitorial, and service industries, Negin brings unparalleled experience to the team, ensuring first-class products and service is constantly and consistently delivered.

Negin, along with her family reside in London, Ontario. Negin volunteers on a regular basis with local charities and school boards and has a strong passion for entrepreneurial mentorship.