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COVID 19 commitment

MINCO SUPPLY understands that you’re facing a time of uncertainty. We’re committed to helping all of our clients overcome the adversity brought onto them by the COVID-19 crisis. Through our global network of high quality manufacturers, we’re able to supply our clients with PPE products when they are needed most. For more information, head to our ‘contact us’ page and tell us more about your situation. We are here to help.


Customer Focused

Led by a customer focused approach, we aim to provide an exceptional experience for all of our customers. With a diverse range of customers of all sizes, we at MINCO SUPPLY take pride in our ability to offer customized and personal solutions to all of our customers.

Quality Driven

When you take your business to MINCO SUPPLY, you’re guaranteed a high-quality supply of products aimed at efficiently streamlining your supply chain and procurement requirements. Regardless of national or international product shortages or price increases, we maintain a strict policy to deliver nothing short of top results for our customers while being able to offer product price competitively. 

Global Sourcing and Custom Projects

We understand that all of our customers are unique and need different solutions to maximize their operations. MINCO SUPPLY specializes in strategic sourcing and can also custom design products that will fit your exact business needs. We are also able to leverage our over 15 years of international product pricing and negotiations experience, ensuring you’ll receive the highest quality products within your target price. 




MINCO SUPPLY has a wide variety of products available in stock to ship and have established access to products globally. You can select different replenishment methods for each product depending on your manufacturing and delivery strategies. MINCO SUPPLY is proud to be your number one resource for a wide variety of high-quality disposable products as well as medical and laboratory consumables.


About Us

With over 15 years of international product and negotiations experience, MINCO SUPPLY is a leading supplier of a wide range of disposables, personal protective equipment, safety apparel and medical and laboratory consumables. We specialize in wholesale, supply and distribution services for a variety of industries. We offer competitive wholesale pricing to suit small to large product supply needs. Based in Canada, we leverage our negotiating abilities and industry expertise to provide our customers with extremely high quality products that meet their business operational needs. We have proven capabilities that allow us to quickly design custom products and take pride in our ability to supply our customers when even the established global marketplace can’t.


Whether you’re looking for a solution for your hospital, restaurant kitchen, farm, industrial factory, or other entity, MINCO SUPPLY is able to meet your needs. With an offering of everything from surgical masks, protective gloves, industrial masks, and goggles, to paper plating accessories, disposable aprons, and more, MINCO SUPPLY is your number one choice for high quality products. We guarantee that our products will satisfy your needs and are confident in our ability to make your supply chain as efficient as possible. If you need a specific product but cannot source it anywhere, don’t worry, MINCO SUPPLY has the ability and resources to create and design custom products for you too! When partnering with MINCO SUPPLY, we always have your smarter purchase decisions covered from head to toe!


  Apparel • Disposables • Laboratory •   Consumables

Pesticide Safety • Isolation Gowns

Dispensers • Safety Goggles • Industrial Gloves

Protective Aprons • Arm Sleeves • Server Masks • Bouffant Caps

Custom Material Masks • Sanitizers • Paper Products

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