Waitress tying apron at restaurant
2 coffee in a paper cup on the windowsill
Eco friendly disposable set of dishware made from paper and wood on a yellow background with green


Supplies Every Kitchen Needs

Keep your kitchen clean and and have all your needs met when partnering with Minco Wholesale & Supply. We offer everything from paper plating accessories, aprons, chop holders and more at your disposal, these products are guaranteed to satisfy customers and restaurateurs. 

Offer employees protection against spills and stains with Minco’s selection of aprons. Featuring polyethylene and polypropylene construction, many aprons are waterproof, making them ideal for use by dish washers or bussers. 
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White and blue lightweight poly aprons
Polypropylene aprons
White 1-2 mil poly aprons available
Blue 3-6 mil PVC apron with tie strings available
Sizes: all sizes available

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